Home Stay

Living with an American family while studying at Harvest Institute gives the international student a great opportunity to learn more about the American culture, practice English daily, and live in a comfortable family oriented environment.International Housing Placement Service, a trusted third-party resource, screens families that host Harvest students providing full room and board. The agency inspects the housing and carefully screens all the potential host families prior to the student’s arrival. For more information, please visit: www.ihpshomestays.com

Apartment share

This option is designed exclusively for independent international students. Apartments are shared with other students. All rooms are fully furnished and utilities are included. Most residences are located near a convenient commute to Harvest campuses – walking distance or public transportation easy access. These apartments are more private and accessories are up to the students to buy, such as bed sheets, towels, etc. Apartments have furnished kitchens, living rooms and sometimes dining rooms.

* Prices vary according to season and availability. Please, consult the school as early as possible for more accurate pricing.

** Harvest Institute is not responsible for finding housing for students and that only provides housing guidance if needed. There is a limited number of apartments available for students that are interested in apartment share options and there is a 100-dollar fee for booking through the Harvest Institute. Students are encouraged to use a third party agency (www.ihpshomestays.com) specialized in International Student Housing.